Auto Re-Vitalization

Detailing Services
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Upon picking up your vehicle, if you are not 100% Satisfied, We will make arrangements to resolve the issue free of charge at your earliest convenience.

Detailing services hours
• Mon-Sun: 10am to 4pm


Re-Vitalization Essential

1.5 Hours Process

Car-$89 SUV & Truck-$99 Van-$109

Re-Vitalization Advanced

3.5 Hours Process

Car-$259 SUV & Truck-$299 Van-$319

Re-Vitalization Total Inside

3~4 Hours Process

Car-$240 SUV & Truck-$290 Van-$310
complementary automatic wash (revamp pack) upon completion

*Extra charge may apply for extensive stain, dirt, tar, pet hair removal minimum $49

Add on Services

Wash Factory

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Engine shampoo& dressing $60
  • Steam Clean Carpet + Seats $169
  • Headlight Restoration $50
  • Fabric Protection $70
  • Claybar Treatment $70
  • Metal polish $70