The Avengers

Fleet Program


Security & Flexibility

The most robust detailed reporting software in the market.

Thanks to our state of the art advanced system, any business can receive customizable detailed reports and secured services. Additionally, our system can assist you for easy monitoring and tracking. In the event of when a card access needs to be added or removed, we accommodate at your request.

No more coins or tokens.

But rather have a unique Fleet ID Card that we can keep on site on your behalf and or you can allocate to the drivers and or keep at your location. Furthermore, our software has the ability to add a unit # or Driver’s Name attached to each fleet card that will ultimately print on each ticket transaction receipt. Also, drivers can stop the transaction to the exact second which is not possible with the traditional coins or tokens.

Ready, Set, 20% off

20% Discount.

The fleet account holders will receive a 20% discount on all washes and detailing services.
Services rendered will be charged on a month to month basis.

12 Self-Wash Bays rate
  • Regular services $0.88/min+GST
  • Tire-Fill $0.45/min+GST
110ft long 2 Truck-Bays rate
  • Regular services $1.20/min+GST
  • Foam Cannon $2.95/min+GST
  • Fire Hose $1.85/min+GST
Automatic Wash
  • ReSet $9.99
  • ReLoad $12.99
  • ReVamp $14.99
Detailing services
  • Regular price on any services
12 Self-Wash Bays rate for fleet
  • Regular services $0.70/min+GST
  • Tire-Fill $0.36/min+GST
110ft long 2 Truck-Bays rate for fleet
  • Regular services $0.96/min+GST
  • Foam Cannon $2.36/min+GST
  • Fire Hose $1.48/min+GST
Automatic Wash for fleet
  • ReSet $9.99 + 20% off
  • ReLoad $12.99 + 20% off
  • ReVamp $14.99 + 20% off
Detailing services for fleet
  • Regular price on any services
  • Employees have 15% off on any
    services for their personal vehicle.
Wash Factory
Beyond the quality

Games, what games?

Wash factory has a strong commitment to sourcing the top-notch grade chemicals that are also powerful but eco-friendly.

We are proudly announcing that we never play games with water pressure, water temperature and a chemical dilution.

Softened hot water,
Self-wash bay shoots out 1400 psi,
2300 psi for Truck bays

Powerful -enough to cut through toughest road films- chemicals brought straight from qualified chemists

Premium hog hair foam brush


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